This Shapewear Burns Calories, PhD Says

ShaToBu GET FIT tights

New York—The tagline is “Workout you Wear” and it seems that “calorie burning shaper” ShaToBu (SHAping, TOning, BUrning) lives up to its name.

The shapewear category continues to be hot and now technology is getting into the action. ShaToBu, which was created by board-certified chiropractor Dr. Denise Perron, boasts a new peer-reviewed scientific study that showed wearers burned “significant extra calories throughout the day.” As a result, the line, which had a soft launch in early 2010 has re-entered the market with an improved ShaToBu GET FIT line.

Scientifically Tested

“We tested ShaToBu garments under controlled scientific conditions,” says University of Virginia Professor Arthur Weltman, PhD, who is also director of the graduate exercise physiology program at the University of Virginia Curry School of Education. “And we found that when women wear them, their energy expenditure increases significantly during walking, which translates to more calories burned.”

The results of the independent study of ShaToBu will be published in the peer-reviewed obesity and Metabolism Journal.

The line features a variety of items from leggings to tops that not only smooth out lumps and bumps, but utilize strategically placed “resistance bands” that cause the muscles to work harder and thus burn calories during wear.

The end result? What Dr. Perron calls “effortless exercise.”

Sized S through XL, prices range from $28 to $88.  The parent company of ShaToBu is Doris Hosiery Mills.

So can you skip the gym entirely? Surely not, but it’s nice to know your tights are doing a little extra duty while you’re at the office or that cocktail party.

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