Check Out These 3 Vogue Eyewear/CFDA Collaborations

The MIAMI by Botkier for Vogue Eyewear CFDA City Collection 2

New York—The second installment of the Vogue Eyewear/CFDA collaboration challenge turned three renowned fashion/accessories designers into sunwear designers, using three world-renowned cities as inspiration. The resulting 2011 City Collection is available at select Sunglass Hut stores and

To get a fresh viewpoint, Vogue Eyewear, which is owned by Luxottica Group, specifically selected designers with no previous sunwear/eyewear experience.

“There were dozens of amazing applicants but Monica, Rebecca and Yeohlee’s visions for this project were just exceptional,” said Daniela Policastro, global brand manager at Vogue Eyewear. “Each pair artfully exemplifies the Vogue Eyewear brand, captures the essence of the inspiration city, and showcases the designer’s unique identity. The 2011 City Collection provides a new perspective, a new twist on sunglass design.”

Once chosen, the competition sent Monica Botkier, Rebecca Minkoff and Yeohlee on “inspirational trips” to their corresponding city (Monica Botkier for Miami, Rebecca Minkoff for New York City and Yeohlee Teng for Los Angeles), where fashion bloggers helped them document their creative process. Blogger Aimee Song of “Song of Style” went to Miami with Monica Botkier, Natalie Suarez of “Natalie Off Duty” worked with Rebecca Minkoff in New York City and Jane Aldridge of “Sea of Shoes” went to Los Angeles with Yeohlee Teng). The blogging/designer duos also created video blogs to show the design and creation process every step of the way.

Inspired by Cities

Each of the three winners discuss how they were inspired by the city they were paired up with.

the BOWERY by Rebecca Minkoff for Vogue Eyewear CFDA City Collection

“It’s about energy, style and independence. Each person here [in New York City] has a very distinct style and look, and I feel like people want to stand out without going too over the top. That is what this style represents to me.” – Rebecca Minkoff








SPY by Yeohlee for Vogue Eyewear CFDA City Collection 2

“I actually blew up images of the girls from my runway show and did the initial sketches [for the sunglasses] based on the shape of their faces. Confident, unusual, and beautiful – those girls are the definition of Los Angeles.” – Yeohlee Teng






“These sunglasses are meant for the woman who is edgy, sexy, fashion forward and likes to explore the city. They are meant for the fashion art girl who loves the museums, art galleries and always the parties during Art Basil Miami. A bold persona who can mix within the different worlds of Miami, whether it be a Cuban coffee shop, gallery opening or pool side party at The Raleigh.” – Monica Botkier




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