Jewelry Site Lets Consumers Allocate Charity Proceeds

CrushCrush Couture Homepage

CrushCrush Couture Homepage

Los Angeles— Imagine every time you bought a piece of jewelry, a hefty percentage of the purchase price went directly to a worthy cause of your choice. Great, right? But what’s even better is if you got to select the charity recipient.

This is exactly how Crush Crush Couture works.

Created by Charli Eaton, CrushCrush Couture features fashionable jewelry – rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings—all modestly priced around $10 to just under $250. Before or after purchasing jewelry on the site, customers choose one of the four accredited, national or international charities that will receive 25% of the purchase price. The non-profits range from cancer research to feeding and housing the less fortunate, from environmental protection to animal welfare.

Wrap Bracelet

Wrap Bracelet

“Online jewelry sales in 2008 were estimated at eight billion dollars,” says Eaton. “Imagine if two billion dollars from those purchases were donated to charity! That would be a game-changer for most non-profit organizations…and our world. I just love that my customers can indulge themselves by buying jewelry and with the same mouse click, help save the life of an animal, heal the environment, fund cancer research or provide disaster relief. It’s the ultimate win-win scenario.”

The site also plans on showcasing a new jewelry designer each month with a unique story to tell, along with offering videos demonstrating how to mix and match jewelry styles to make a statement.

We like the idea of CrushCrush Couture trying to change the world—one sale at a time.

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–By Amanda Ross

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