Hunt Slonem X Echo Design: Wearable Art

Hunt Slonem for Echo DesignNew York—It was an evening of bunnies, butterflies and birds (painting, printed and real) at Wednesday’s Hunt Slonem X Echo Design launch party, held at the artist’s incredible Manhattan art studio.

The event gave retailers and media a chance to experience Slonem’s four-decade art career firsthand and see the inspiration behind the limited-edition capsule collection of printed scarves and totes, all reinterpreted for Echo Design. Retails range from $48 to $148.

The Hunt Slonem for Echo Design collection features six scarf designs and one tote bag, each turning a different piece of Slonem’s works into wearable art. With such an avid art following, Slonem’s collection for Echo will certainly expose the brand to the art aficionado customer (Slonem’s art is exhibited in over 50 museums around the world). We actually met Hunt two years ago through a business friend. However, we did not begin working and collaborating with him until about a year later,” says Lynn Roberts, Echo’s Vice President of Communications. “We have always wanted to have artist’s collaborations and every time we discussed it internally, his name immediately came up. So we approached him and he was interested in partnering with us.”

While the collection is certainly museum gift-shop ready, Echo’s main focus is its existing retail base of major department stores and specialty stores, as well as new stores that would be a good fit, says Dorothy Roberts, chairman, Echo Design Group. “We’ve always been about print, pattern and color and this art collaboration adds a new layer to what our regular customers already love about Echo.” Launching for Spring 2015, the Hunt Slonem for Echo Design will also produce Summer and Fall 15 collections. “This is the first in Echo’s new artist series,” says Lynn Roberts. “Our intention is to introduce a new partnership every year.

Below a walk through Slonem’s colorful and eclectic art studio from last night’s event:







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Lauren Parker

Lauren Parker, Editor-in-Chief, Accessories Magazine

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